Friday, May 27, 2016

A Cozy Dollhouse Kitchen

I recently started work on some more dollhouse minis.  Instead of 
the shabby chic theme I have used in the past, this time I decided
to go with a more traditional and cozy look.  I found a wonderful
miniaturist on etsy who creates charming minis and I want to 
share his work with you.

Matthew of Weston Miniature is the talented artist who created the
Framboise sign, the rustic porcelain rooster and the wine bottle.

Matthew also created the rustic bread boards.  Now I am not only collecting
full size ones for my own kitchen, but these mini ones from Matthew.

The Fortnum and Mason crate is also from Matthew, and he was so kind
to gift me the very cute Life is Sweet sign in the hutch.  Thank you 
Matthew!  I will be showing you more of his work in the future too as
he is helping me add some charm to a little reading room I am curating.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope y'all have a happy and safe
Memorial Day weekend!

Susan and Bentley 


  1. Isn't he absolutely the nicest person to work with?? His Etsy shop is one of my favorites. I love the new additions you got, especially the bread boards.

    1. Yes, indeed he is very nice and so talented. I love his minis!!

  2. Oh- I am just in awe of his talent and yours, too. Your 'little home' is just adorable. I love it. xo Diana

  3. I checked out Matthew's Easy shop and you are so right; he has wonderful items. It is perfect for your kitchen. The bread boards add a finishing touch. Love them.

  4. PRECIOUS!! Such details. Love the bread boards.


  5. I have some of Matthew's creations in my dollhouse - I must have purchased them about 3 years ago. He's also a lovely guy.