Wednesday, January 11, 2017

One More Look at the Dollhouse at Christmas

I have been taking down the Christmas decorations ~ yes, I know I 
am behind schedule, but I wanted to squeeze out just a few more days.
Finally, it's time, not only to take the decorations down in the full size
house, but also in the miniature rooms.  Christmas stockings and pillows,
little trees and Christmas china ~ all being packed up very carefully
and stored for next year.

Little cottage rooms take on such a warmth and special glow
at Christmas.  

Tiny decorations, yet when you pull the camera in for a closer look
they could well be full sized, and of course for the little fairies, they are!

We all get a little peek into their special and magical world.

They even have their own teeny tiny Bentley :-)

The very girly girl fairies live in the shabby chic miniature rooms.
They are especially fond of pink ....

and like their pink Christmas stockings and pink poinsettias too.

The tiny angel at the tippy top of the tree will come down and lovingly
placed in a tiny box until next December.

The little pink Christmas cards will be saved too because they will
bring back happy memories next year.

So glad you stopped by today!  Please come back tomorrow when 
I have another miniature dollhouse to share with you.  I am so happy
to be featuring Shelia from Note Songs.  Her miniature rooms are an
absolute delight and you won't want to miss it!  See you then.

Susan and Bentley

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  1. Susan, you know how I love your sweet little mini rooms! Oh, thank you for featuring me tomorrow. I'm so excited. I'll be back.
    You are a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)