Friday, January 20, 2017

Cynthia's Cottage Designs Dollhouse

The person who had the greatest influence on my desire to renew
my collections of miniatures was Cynthia Lauren Sperin of 
Cynthia's Cottage Design.   Her blog was one of the very first ones
I started reading years ago.  I loved her charming and inviting
cottage decorating style and she transferred that style to her
miniature rooms as well.  Cynthia's talents go beyond her
styling as she creates many of her own miniatures.

Her miniature rooms are layered with so many charming and
sweet features and are so realistic that one is never sure is
it mini or full size?  Take the above hutch for example, a variety
of cookbooks, cute mini mugs, jars of preserves with fabric
covered lids.  It's all cottage perfection!

Cynthia is a professional interior designer and her mini rooms and
vignettes showcase her special talent.

Cynthia loves to cook and her minis reflect that love.   I'll just be quiet now
and let her beautiful photos speak for themselves.

I hope that you enjoyed this tour as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you.
Cynthia is not currently blogging.  She has been focusing on assisting her 
lovely daughter Melanie with her own blog and shop.  You can visit
Melanie's jewelry designs and preppy and classic fashion style 
HERE.  Now that Melanie is established, Cynthia has started a new
etsy shop where she is combining her mini talents with her own jewelry
designs.  Here is that link.

Thank you Cynthia for allowing me to share your beautiful
and inspiring photos with other mini lovers.  Have a wonderful
weekend everyone!

Susan and Bentley


  1. How darling. Our church served on Jadeite dishes for years. Most of it is still stored in the cabinets in the church kitchen.

  2. Oh, Susan, don't you love Cynthia's minis! I used to follow her blog too and just loved her kitchen. Her minis are amazing and she makes a lot of her things doesn't she? I love your mini features!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Oh- I have missed her blog. She was one of the first people I followed when I found blogs. Her blog was always amazing and inspirational to me. I was/am so in awe of her talent. I am glad she is back in the public again and I will check out her new spot. xo Diana

  4. One of my favorite mini kitchens!!!

  5. So adorable! Susan: Where do you find your Minis ? Most of my shops have long gone out of business. I've bought a few online and a couple on Etsy shops.

    1. If you are referring to Cynthia's minis, you will have to ask her because I do not know. I will, however, be happy to share where I have purchased my own minis and will write a post about resources.

  6. Yes, I'm chiming in with Yvonne. Could you give us some sources for your beautiful items?

    1. Yes, I will write a blog post next about mini resources.

  7. I do love her work and I wish I knew where one gets all of the really cute things.